In mobilier.mdyou can pay in the most convenient way for you:

credit card
credit or installments- To facilitate the decision to buy, we offer the opportunity to purchase the desired furniture in installments for 6 months with 0% rate.

The conditions of the purchase in installments as follows:

a) The minimum amount of purchased goods - 1 000 MDL; the maximum – 30 000 MDL.

b) 2% one-time commission in the issuance of credit.

c) 0% rate on the credit. Required documents:

a) identity card with plugin.

* Sale in installments at 0% does not apply to discounted products and other special offers. The payment by Card Pay&Save is not possible

Call a designer home will cost you 250 MDL. The designer will come at the most convenient time for you (during working hours of the enterprise), will advise to the desired furniture, will take the necessary sizes and soon will invite you to the factory to discuss the project. At the conclusion of the contract the paid 250 MDL will be deducted from the total cost.


Cost of service "all inclusive":





more than 5 000 MDL



from 1 000 to 5 000 MDL

300 MDL


* In case of absence of an elevator or its malfunction, the rise of the furniture is paid separately - 30 MDL per floor, for every unit of furniture.

All inclusive from

We offer the delivery of the product you've selected on the most suitable for you date and time (during working hours of the enterprise).

▪ When you purchase furniture from our salon, you get service "ALL INCLUSIVE":


Climbing on the floor (with elevator)

Furniture assembly

Installation of furniture in the place specified by you

Take away with us the plastic packaging and cardboard

We leave you in a good mood


Warranty on all furniture in - 2 years.
During this period, you can get free services to eliminate the defects that have arisen through the fault of the manufacturer.