Furniture Fittings: Orthopedic Bed Base -

Orthopedic lattice

Dear partners,
We inform you about the expansion of the assortment with a new product. Orthopedic
lattice. Orthopedic bed lattice - the foundation of a healthy rest!
Lifetime of orthopedic base under the mattress is not limited!

Made of:

  • Curved square tube, 30x30x1, 5 mm
  • Legs - square tube
  • Beech lamella (sort 1, emission class - E1) highest quality
  • Plastic fitting elements


  • Advantages
    Polymer paint with high resistance
    Productsmanufactured in a range of sizes 800x2000, 1200x2000, 1400x2000, 1600x2000, 1800x2000
    Free air circulation (breathing mattress) that extends the life of the mattress
    Reinforced structure through which can be used as a carrier lattice bed frame

Plus: - 30 strips, provides maximum orthopedic effect for healthy sleep
Plus: - one-piece construction without prefabricated elements (bolts, etc.) that does not require adjustment, and setting time



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30 September