Slides for custom-made furniture? Solution:
GTV (Global Technology Vision) is a trademark present on the biggest Asian and European markets. It contains a portfolio of several hundred of lighting and furniture accessories, among others there are: hinges, slides, locks, legs, handles, hangers, motion detectors, transformers, furniture and raster frames. GTV is modern solutions increasing the value of furniture usage and comfort of their everyday operation. GTV is a trademark with the biggest dynamics among all others offered by GTV. It offers modern solutions increasing use value and comfort of furniture. The trademark name was created on the basis of an idea of accessories that fundamentally conform to the most rigorous quality standards in their product category. The development of the name is a philosophy that was the guiding creation principle.


KRONOPOL - GTV - MOBILIER.MD Компания MOBILIER.MD провела 12 и 13 сентября презентацию новинок в мебельной индустрии для своих постоянных клиентов, а также отличные семинары с участием знаменитого польского бизнес тренера. Благодарим за поддержку наших заграничных партнеров KRONOPOL и GTV, а также всех наших клиентов. Два дня пролетели незаметно! Обещаем и впредь организовывать интересные мероприятия такого масштаба .

30 September