Furniture facades, door linings made of MDF - is one of the leading manufacturers of furniture facades and door linings made of MDF, coated with PVC film.
Furniture fronts are very widely used as - Kitchen doors, bar counters, furniture slides, doors for office furniture, facade parts, bedroom suites, as well as for the manufacture of children's furniture.
Wide range of colors and various types of millings allow realizing any design idea. In our collection, everyone can find for himself what suits his taste. From Haight-ka to the beloved classics. From the simplest films to films from the latest collection.
In addition to all, we aim that the work with us was the most convenient for our customers. For this, the terms of manufacturing facades are clear complied.


KRONOPOL - GTV - MOBILIER.MD Компания MOBILIER.MD провела 12 и 13 сентября презентацию новинок в мебельной индустрии для своих постоянных клиентов, а также отличные семинары с участием знаменитого польского бизнес тренера. Благодарим за поддержку наших заграничных партнеров KRONOPOL и GTV, а также всех наших клиентов. Два дня пролетели незаметно! Обещаем и впредь организовывать интересные мероприятия такого масштаба .

30 September